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Upcoming CPIM Webinars

As a reminder, the Ohio Treasurer’s office will host upcoming CPIM webinars on a variety of topics. These sessions may be used to fulfill some or all of your 2022 coursework requirements.  
Upcoming webinar opportunities include: 
Wednesday, April 20 
Economic Update: Market Developments and Responding to Inflation – 10:00 am to 10:30 am 
The presentation will provide attendees with a market update and explain how recent developments may impact the duties of fiscal officers. Content will provide information regarding interest rates, responding to inflation, world news and events, regulatory reform, and asset allocation. REGISTER HERE 
Wednesday, April 27 
Basics of Borrowing – 10:00 am to 11:00 am  
This session will introduce participants to public finance. Presenters will generally define debt and outline its purpose and limitations per state law. Attendees will learn about various types of debt and financing such as notes and bonds, lease obligations, and loans. The presentation will also include an overview of credit ratings and the roles involved in borrowing. REGISTER HERE 
Thursday, April 28 
Basics of Investing – 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm  
An overview of the various investment options permitted for Ohio public entities under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 135. Additionally, the course will feature a discussion of best practices, as well as an update on the current market. This session is suitable for those in the first few years of their career or anyone needing a refresher in public funds management. REGISTER HERE 
Tuesday, May 17 
Responding to Rating Agencies – 10:00 am to 11:00 am 
Maintaining a high credit rating minimizes borrowing costs and provides confidence to constituents of responsible leadership. This course provides an overview of rating presentations and tips to ensure information is presented effectively. Attendees will gain a better understanding of requirements and best practices for corresponding with rating agencies. REGISTER HERE 
Thursday, June 9 
Investment Accounting – 10:00 am to 11:00 am 
The session will provide an overview of investment accounting. Content will include guidance on reporting requirements under Ohio Revised Code, accounting for investments, treatment of income, and how other official records should reflect investment activity. REGISTER HERE 
Check MyCPIM for future announcements on the following courses: 
  • Effective Communication with Stakeholders 
  • Hot Topics in Debt 
CPIM Webinar Guidance: Register using your MyCPIM login email address and phone number on record. After registering, attend the webinar using your unique Zoom link. Do not attend webinars as a group. Credit can only be provided to registered individuals. If you’re registering for a course, reserve enough time to attend the entire session. We will not provide a passcode until the session concludes.   
If you have any questions or need assistance with CPIM-related issues, please contact CPIM at 1(800) 228-1102 or   

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